Free resouces to help determine your download Speed

Download Speed Test

The following download speed test information will allow you to download and run the same test we have on BPL Speed

Although most of the download tests are free, you must provide credit and a link back. Before you can download and install this script, you must first drop us an email and ask for permission.

We have put a lot of time into the download speed test scripts and rather than require monetary payment, we make it free and simply require an acceptable link back.

Download Speed Test

Download Speed Check

  • Simply cut and paste the download speed test script from the box below and place it into your website page
  • Download and place it in the same directory as your webpage; note that this file has a password of
  • Replace with your website address
  • Grab this Download Speed Test file, unzip the contents to a subdirectory, make 5 copies of the funny video clip and place them in the same subdirectory, zip up all the files and call the zip file Then, change to the locate of your download speed test.