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DSL Speed Test

The following DSL speed test will give you a basic idea of how fast you are able to download items from the internet.

This DSL test is certainly not the most accurate way of testing you connection speed, but it does work and provides an estimate of how fast you are able to download.

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The following broadband speed test will give you a basic idea of your connection speed to this site.

Internet Speed Test:

This DSL speed test may vary from site to site and results depend on a number of factors, such as location, bandwidth limits, Internet Service Provider and more. This speed test, although usually correct, may not be exact. Take this speed test multiple times to get an accurate reading or your DSL connection.

The DSL Speed Test will not work without javascript enabled. Our DSL speed test uses javascript to check the speed of your internet connection and and will not properly without it. If you would like to test your DSL connection, then please enable javascript.

All the speed tests located on are based on Java technology. If you have questions or comments regarding our DSL Speed test, please let us know.

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