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Internet Speed Test

This internet speed test is one of the most accurate speed tests on the internet. In order to run the test, you'll need Sun's Java runtime environment which is freely available here.

This free internet speed test uses TCP port 8500 to check bandwidth. There is a limit of 5 tests per visitor to help conserve bandwidth. This internet speed test is extremely popular and may report back busy.

If you are unable to test internet speed using this page, check out our other speed tests which are based on different technology and methods.

This internet speed test works on just about any device, such as cable modem, DSL and standard dial up internet access.

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Internet Speed Test

This is a free internet speed test (thanks to AuditMyPC.com) and although we have put a LOT of time and effort into making this the most accurate test on the internet, individual configurations may impact these speed test results. Take the speed test more than once to obtain a greater degree of accuracy.